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Dated: 08/06/2015

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As far as first ring suburbs go Richfield is one of the most relatively affordable particularly in the south metro.  Price, property tax and price per square average out below Hennepin County averages. For buyers that potentially means more bang for your buck. The market overall right now is considered a seller's market. So even though prices are not through the roof in Richfield there may still be an opportunity for sellers to take advantage of the relative affordability that can attract buyers to your home for sale in Richfield.  As of the time of this post there are 7 new homes for sale in Richfield and 87 total. Like many other cities Richfield saw a spike in homes for sale in July. Sales were closing in July in Richfield as well. 57 homes in Richfield closed last month ranging for a condo for $68,900 to a half million dollar custom built home just a couple of blocks off of 67th and Penn near Fairwood Park. Here's a look at the market numbers for Richfield homes for sale:

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