Congratulations To Sarah And Bret On Their 1st Home In St Paul

Dated: 07/16/2015

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It was a long interesting road to get here but well worth the wait. A little over 2 years ago Sarah and Bret were planning to move to Minnesota from Colorado. At that same time I was looking for a new renter for my home in St. Paul's Como Park neighborhood. With Sarah still not in town, Sarah's mother looked at the house for her. The same day another couple looked at the home and submitted an application right away. I offered the house to those applicants and let Sarah know the house was no longer available. About a week later those tenants ended up falling through. So I called Sarah to let her know the house was available again. They snapped the house right up.

Nearing the end of the 2nd year of their lease Sarah emailed me to let me know they were going to be buying a house. Too bad for me because they were perfect tenants. But there was good news. Sarah said she and Bret wanted to use me as the Realtor. It was an honor for me that they thought enough of me as their landlord that they would also chose me as their real estate agent. Since they wanted to buy a home in St. Paul I guess it helped that I knew the area because I lived there myself for 7 years and bought my first home in St. Paul 10 years ago. After a month or so of searching we found a great home for sale in the Hamline neighborhood of St. Paul. We ended up winning in multiple offers.   

Congratulations to Sarah and Bret on becoming first time home buyers. I appreciate you trusting me to help out with such an important time of your life. You were fantastic renters and clients. 

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