A First Becomes A First Time Home Buyer

Dated: 08/11/2015

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David a former co-worker was the the first ever person to tell me he wanted to work with me as his realtor when I went into real estate full-time a little less than two years ago. At the time I had closed exactly one sale but he was willing to trust me anyway for some reason. Staying true to his word David called me this spring to let me know he was ready to buy his first home.  We logged nearly 200 miles together in my car before finding a condo in Coon Rapids that was a perfect fit. All closings are great. Closing today with David was special. David now owns his first home, for me it's my 25th closing. It's special because David is the very first person who knew me to believe in me. Today that all came together. Thank you David and Congratulations.

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Chris Mosier

From an early age, Chris showed promise for sales and marketing. After having been a banker and a nutrition manager all throughout high school and college, he decided it was time to translate those sk....

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